Responsible Tourism

Sustainable Farming

We follow (LIFE) Less Intensive Farming Environment approach to maintain and increase long term fertility of the soils.Rotation and diversification of crops is maintained. Legumes are used as green manures, to cover crop and improve farm fertility. Diversity of crops in both time and space prevents insects and diseases. Our farm is viewed as a holistic unit, biologically complete, balanced, living and dynamic which is ecologically stable and sustainable. The agriculture on the plantation uses nil chemical fertilizers. Vermin compost is made and it is the main manure. Fencing is of bio materials namely Glacidia.

Eco-friendly tourism

We try to minimize all forms of pollution that may result from agriculture practice and make it a point to use renewable resources from the farm as far as possible. Materials and substances which can be used or recycled, either on the farm or else where are utilized. We don't reclaim agriculture land or forest area for tourism. Eco cleaning products with lemon grass is used. We use neem oil and tobacco tea as pesticides. Soil and water resources are handled in a suitable manner and appropriate measures are adopted for conservation. For eg: Contour Farming, stonewalls, digging water pits, rain water harvesting etc.

Non Conventional Energy

At vanilla County, we encourage non conventional sources of energy for routine needs. Solar Power is used for heating water and emergency lighting. We use firewood for cooking and CFL (Compact Fluorescent lamps) for saving energy. We do our tiny bit to control global warming when we opt for the absence of air conditioning.

Traditions Practised

We try to preserve and enhance traditional and indigenous knowledge in farming. Traditional mixed farming is followed at Vanilla County. Cleaning of land by burning organic matter is consciously avoided. We plant Mahogany, teak, and Jackfruit trees every year. This tradition will leave a greener earth for generations yet to come. Workers are allowed to have cows. They can cut the grass from the farm for the cows. In turn they supply cow dung for making vermin compost. Traditional and locally available building materials are used for any construction and local labour is employed.

The Difference

We ensure minimum number of guests at a time to be able to be attentive to both guests and Nature at a time. Public transport and local auto rickshaws are used to travel in and around the area. Filtered water from natural springs is offered. Vegetables grown locally are used for cooking. We offer local palm toddy to the guests, the natural alcohol from palm tree. We encourage the guests to shop from the village shops, run by local people. The local community gets benefited by the economic contribution through tourism when tourists choose to buy local products and use services.

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